Tele-therapy Options

Tele-therapy has been around for a while but less popular and definitely less accepted in some parts. Traditional in person therapy has come to be the main way that we envision what therapy is suppose to look like; Yet in the digital age that notion has been challenged and utilized to close the gaps created by lack of accessibility in some areas, increasing resources for intersectional needs and difficult scheduling challenges.

Things have changed with Covid 19 and the way that tele-health services have been accepted and viewed in many arenas. Due to shelter in place orders lasting months and the increased need to minimize contact with others, tele-therapy has become an option more accepted by individuals and insurance company alike.

If you are looking for a option for therapy during these times, there are options on many directories (such as Psychology Today) that now identify therapists who have tele-therapy options. Regardless of how society will re-open or not, identifying support that can be flexible regardless of the fluctuating shelter in place concerns might be exactly the way to go.

My Services:

I do offer tele-therapy services. Depending on availability, there are evening options to accommodate scheduling needs on certain days. Most other therapists on my referral page on this site also use tele-therapy services at this time.

Please check with your insurance to identify options for tele-therapy.

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