Recommendations for other therapists and supports in surrounding areas:

Elizabeth Parady, LCSW (Walnut Creek, CA)

Bri Badelle, LCSW (Oakland, CA)

Deanna Jimenez, LMFT (Oakland, CA)

David Khalili, LMFT (Oakland, CA)

Amber Boyd, LMFT (Oakland, CA)

Rachelle Jackson, LCSW (Benicia, CA)

Ella Ofori, LMFT (Oakland, CA)

Perry Clark, LMFT/Untangle and Grow Counseling (San Jose, CA)

Nikki Jackson, LMFT (Petaluma, CA)

Rhiannon Theurer, LMFT (Ashland, Oregon)

Therapy for Black Girls Directory:

Therapists of color directory: