New Instagram and Holiday Tips

I have a new Instagram site to share tips, thoughts, insights and educational resources with those who are interested in following. Social media has become such a normal part of daily engagement for people, and often times social media holds so much that becomes overwhelming, frustrating, and problematic. So one of the desires with this page is to have a place where people can have moments of reflection, inspiration, liberating or provoking thoughts in a sea of negative social media messages.

The instagram tag is @ExploringWellnessAndLiberation

As a part of introducing this new page I started working on some holiday tips to share since it is that time of year. So many things can have impact on us during the holidays. Some of those things will bring moments of joy and some contribute to experiences of challenge and sadness.

So I will share those tips here for those who have not seen them or have no desire to go to instagram.

May we all have a moment of peace and internal balance this holiday.

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